SD70 Volume 2 Add-On

The SD70 series of diesel locomotives, launched by the General Motors Electromotive Division in 1992, have become a familiar sight across the length and breadth of the United States, with over 4,000 of the different variants having been produced to date.

This add-on includes 3 main variants: the SD70MAC, with AC traction motors, the SD70ACe also with traction motors but developed to comply with new emissions regulations, and the SD70M-2 which is based on the SD70ACe but which has DC traction motors.

This add-on depicts the various external detail differences between the models, and depicts them in realistic prototypical BNSF, Norfolk Southern and Canadian National color schemes.

Free roam – SD70s at Barstow

Free roam – SD70s at Monument

Four minutes of Fun –

You are driving an SD70ACe doing freight duties around San Bernardino Yard. You have a few minutes until your freight cars are delivered so sit back and enjoy the yard activity before starting work.

Black Wheat –

Use your SD70M-2 to sort hoppers at Monument Granary, ready for departure.

Return of the Mac –

Career System scenario – Starting at Victorville, drive an SD70Mac coal train to Barstow.

Race to the Summit –

Career System scenario – You are one of two trains heading up to the summit. You are the priority train, but as a bit of friendly rivalry you are seeing who will reach the summit first. Once at the top, drive to Hesperia.

Springs for the Springs –

Career System scenario – Starting at Larkspur with a pair of SD70M-2 engines, head north to collect some metalwork needed in a delivery to Colorado Springs. Then return to Larkspur where the last freight cars will be added.

Routes Featuring the SD70

Barstow to San Bernardino

Castle Rock Railroad

Stock Featured

SD70ACe in BNSF livery

SD70MAC in BNSF Executive livery

SD70M-2 in Norfolk Southern livery

SD70M-2 in Canadian National livery

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