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The EMD SD70 is a series of diesel-electric locomotives produced by the Electro-Motive Division (EMD) of General Motors beginning in 1992. Over 4000 locomotives in this series have been produced, and the type continues to be produced though EMD is no longer owned by General Motors. Introduced in 2004, the SD70ACe was designed to meet the latest EPA emissions regulations and featured a few other modifications over previous models, including AC electric motors for increased reliability and HTSC bolster-less trucks for simpler maintenance. Rated at 4,300 horsepower, the SD70ACe is in use on a number of railroads across the US.

Free roam: SD70ACes at Victorville

Free roam: SD70ACe at Larkspur

Front and Back (Career System scenario):

Drive an SD70ACe-led freight train to Oro Grande. On the way you need to drop off the rear half of your train at Victorville. There is no timetable but you are to follow in the signal block of a refrigerator boxcar train. Also, your score is initially set at 1000 powers. Your aim is to maintain that score.

Working the Hump Yard (Career System scenario):

Driving an SD70ACe you need to bring freight cars from Barstow Hump Yard to make two separate rakes at Barstow East Yard. Starting with a score of 1000 you will have points deducted for poor switching and overspeeding, so take your time and be safe.

Colorado Ski Train (Career System scenario):

Drive UP Heritage SD70ACe 1989 on a passenger special taking skiers down the length of the route. Aim to reach Monument by 14:35.

Routes Featuring the SD70 MAC, ACe, M-2 ;

Barstow to San Bernardino

Castle Rock Railroad

Stock Featured

SD70ACe in Union Pacific livery

SD70ACe in Denver & Rio Grande Western livery