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The Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad;

At its largest the ATSF Railroad would own over 13,000 miles and the routes which made up its system would become some of the most heavily and strategically used throughout the West that remains so to this day.

Routes Featuring the SD40-2 Santa Fe ;

Barstow to San Bernardino

Free Roam: Castle Rock

Pick a train by clicking on it, then explore the route.

Running Slow
Arriving from Needles, drop off your freight then perform yard duties around Barstow in a Santa Fe SD40-2. Drop off all but your lead engine in Barstow East then take engines to the Engine Shop.

Boxcar Shunt
Use a Santa Fe SD40-2 to shunt boxcars at Victorville East then pick up more motive power from Victorville and begin a journey South.

Cake Mix
Take some grain hoppers from Monument and some frozen entrees in refrigerator cars from Larkspur and drop them off at Castle Rock Intermodal.

Stock Featured

3SD40-2 Santa Fe Blue and Yellow Warbonnet Livery in two variants.