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The city-train services are a common sight in the Rhine and Rurh area. In the beginning the city-trains wore a distinctive two-tone colour scheme, making them identifiable anywhere as a city-train. After the change of ownership to DB AG the city train livery was changed to the usual traffic red colour scheme like all other local traffic trains.

The Class 143 electric locomotive was initially purchased by DR in 1984 as the Class 241, becoming the Class 143 under DB. It proved to be a versatile locomotive, and began its working life around the Black Forest and Rhine-Rurh areas. T

he x-wagons were developed in 1978 especially for the Rhine-Rurh city-train concept. Until this point, older local traffic coaches were used. These coaches fulfil the demands of a light local coach with frequent starts and stops. The door configuration is designed for fast passenger exchange, and the air-suspended bogies give low rolling noise levels and a comfortable ride.

First City Train


Two-Way Drive

City Train to Altenhundem


Stock Featured

DB Class 143 in Rhine-Ruhr and Traffic Red liveries

X-wagon coaches ABx 791, Bx 794 and Bxf 796

Routes Featuring the Rhine-Ruhr City-Trains Hagen to Siegen