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Located near central Ohio USA is Dover, part of a bigger region where billowing black clouds of smoke dot the skies in earnest to forge a country’s greatness. A proto-lanced route, Ohio Steel (Dover Division) is similar to its real-life counterpart with many enhancements added for entertainment value – but make no mistake, you’ll be railroading in one of the toughest and harshest environments a railroad engineer could experience.

Ohio Steel – Dover Division recreates 3 branch lines from the real Dover Division – the Eastern Branch Line to Dover Steel Mill, the Southeast Branch Line where most of the traffic is focused and the 11-mile Stone Creek Branch Line.

Free Roam

Fall at Dover Rail Yard

Summer at Dover Rail Yard

Winter at Dover Rail Yard

Stone Creek Pick-Up

Deliver steel goods to Dover Yard

Return to Stone Creek

Having a new route is much like moving to a new area. There are grades to learn and speed issues to be aware of. Tonnage of a train can affect both. This time your train is loaded with heavy steel cars to take to Stone

Creek Foundry.

Uhrichville to Dover Yard

Deliver goods to Altizer Aluminium Recycling, Dover Yard

Dover Yard to Urichville

Under overcast skies deliver scrap aluminium to Altizer Aluminium recycling in Urichville.

Dover Branch (Tutorial)

Tutorial run for Dover Steel.

Dover Branch Pick up

Solo scenario time for certification to work the Dover Branch.

New Philadelphia Finishing Mill

A lot of coal passes through the Dover Yard for the steel production in the area. NPFM is just one of the steel producers in the area requiring this raw material in bulk. Heavy as it is and in need like it is multiple engine lash-ups are frequently used for pickups/deliveries. In this assignment you take two engines to do a job which is routine for the Dover Division.

Granny's Grainary

Granny's production typically picks up during the autumn season. Deliver and pickup grain cars at Granny's.

Extra Run Stone Creek Special

Dover Yard when it overfills capacity will often dispatch a few cars to the abandoned section of mainline down by Stone Creek Foundry.

Dover Mill Pickup

A recent order at the mill has Dover Steel Mill kicking in high production. All 3 pickup points have freight to be picked up and delivered to Dover Yard.

Quarry Pickups

You'll start this scenario at Midvale Quarry where  bulk material cars awaiting to be picked up.

Pickup/Delivery - SCF (long)

Deliver and pickup steel goods from SCF/Dover.

Granny's Grainary v2

Granny's production typically picks up during the autumn season. Deliver and pickup grain cars at Granny's.

Dover Branch Pickups

To some the business of railroading isn't important but to the railroads business is everything. And sometimes a little odd. This scenario takes you through an odd manoeuvre not often used.

Uhrich Branch line Northbound Run

From Altizer's to LLRX, business need pickups/deliveries.

Stock Featured in the Ohio Steel-Dover Division Expansion

SD40-2 Highnose locomotive in Norfolk Southern livery