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The class 2P was introduced in 1928 and was a post-grouping development of the Midland Railway 483 Class with modified dimensions and reduced boiler mountings.

The numbering continued from where the Midland engines left off at 563 and eventually reached 700. 138 were built, though numbering is slightly complicated by renumbering's and transfers.

Mendip Winter Local

A nice easy run, take a local passenger stopping from Bath to Evercreech Junction



Fish Special

Fish Traffic was once an important source of traffic for the railways. Work an express fish service from Templecombe-Radstock.



Heavily Trafficked

The gradients between Bath and Evercreech are fierce and heavy expresses like the Pines often needed additional haulage power. Assist the Pines between Bath and Evercreech Junction.



Routes Featuring the 2P 4-4-0 Locomotive

Bath to Templecombe

Steam Diesel DMU’s EMU’s Shunting North American Freight Passenger