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Hybrid Hall
Perform passenger stops between Goring & Streatley and Maidenhead, splitting your hybrid GWR / Southern liveried coaches at Reading.

Westminster Charter
Drive No 5917 Westminster Hall on a chartered passenger service from Paddington to Shrewsbury. You join the service mid-way at Slough and must drive to Didcot, meeting a timetable.

Push or Perish
You have a train of perishable foodstuff bound for the Midlands, so making your allocated time slot in this hot weather is crucial. Push your Hall to ensure your destination is reached.

Short Hall
Drive between Templecombe and Evercreech as part of a Bournemouth to Bristol stopping service. Your first stop is at Templecombe Upper, which involves reversing back to the station after passing the points at Templecombe Junction.

The Bitter End

It is the final stretch on a Bournemouth to Newcastle service. It is bitterly cold, but so far the snow has not caused any problems

Routes Featuring the GWR Hall

Bath Green Park to Templecoombe

Oxford to Paddington

The origins of the Hall class began in 1922 after Chief Engineer C.B.Collett was asked to produce a 4-6-0 to replace the Mogul “43xx” class. To do this he came up with the idea of reducing the coupled wheel diameter of the “Saint Class” No 2925 Saint Martin from the original 6ft 8 inches to a smaller 6ft 0 inches.

Production began in 1928 and was a landmark in that from inception it was designed as a mixed traffic locomotive. Previously there was a belief that one class of engine should work passenger services and another would work freight. The Hall broke down this paradigm and paved the way for subsequent mixed traffic locomotives in Britain and Europe, such as the ever popular Black 5.