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The Class 120 is a German electric locomotive designed originally to be capable of pulling both express passenger and heavy freight trains. The prototype built in 1980 was one of the first electric locomotives to have three-phase motors and was an advanced locomotive for its time, though the technology of the time necessitated in very heavy electronic and electrical systems. 60 examples were delivered to DB (Deutsche Bahn) between 1986 and 1988 with plans for hundreds more to be built, but privatisation of DB meant these plans were shelved and the new-generation locomotives were instead ordered by the German rail operators. Despite only 65 examples being built, the Class 120 remains in service today.

Stock Featuring with Class GR143

DB Class 120 in two liveries

Eurofima Coach Class 1 and 2 orient red

Eurofima Coach Class 1 and 2 traffic red

Eurofima Coach Class 1 and 2 IC colors

11 standard scenarios