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Let's step back to a simpler time in the United States of America and travel to the Eastern Seaboard and then northeast to the state of Maine. Even in Maine we will keep heading north until we reach the central northernmost part of Maine to just south of the Canadian border. We arrive at two towns separated by 19 miles of track, Fort Kent and Eagle Lake. This is where All Aboard's newest instalment of the railroading experience begins.

Stock Featured in the Fort Kent to Eagle Lake Expansion

More than 20 miles of operational railroad

Mixed industries for shunting interaction

Two Canadian National Locomotives

Plywood Pickup

Welcome to the Fort Kent divison of the Bangor and Aroostook. The northern end of the railroad Fort Kent is right up there at the Canadian border. This division isn't busy enough to support its own full time railroad employees so you'll be dispatched to this area about once a week to do what pickups and deliveries that are needed. There's a small engine shed you'll get to know as home away from home. On the 2d map you'll note the location as x25. X marks the spot, you see. To get you acquainted with the route you'll do the locals first and then after a few you'll take your first trip to the Eagle Lake Gravel plant nineteen miles south of Fort Kent. But we'll get into all that when its necessary. Your first task is the Deuce Lumber company has a pickup. Bring it back to the Fort Kent rail yard. The Fort Kent rail yard is also where our excess ends up at. So when you see the yard more filled up than you expected, that's why. Yard speed is 15mph. Track speed is 35mph. Numerous crossings so keep your hand by the horn. Autumn in Maine is so pretty this time of year. But it does get cold so bring you something warm to wear.

Delivery To Eagle Lake Gravel

You've been to most of the places in and about Fort Kent. This time you get to run the whole route to Eagle Lake. Eagle Lake Gravel is a large facility which keeps the line open from Fort Kent to Eagle Lake.

Fort Kent Yard Switching

Trains need to be made up from yards before being dispatched to their destination. In this scenario you have the task of compiling a train from two different consists into one. Your task is to move freight cars from two yard tracks to yard track #3 in the Fort Kent rail yard.

ELGrav Switching 1

Late arriving trains usually have the crews spend the night in Eagle Lake and switch the gravel plant the next day. Such is the case today where your engine is parked on one of the excess tracks. Start up your engine and begin operations.

ELGrav Switching 2

This scenario features a different switching variation where the hoppers are being directed to the extra tracks for the gravel loaders at EL Gravel. It gets a little 'close' in that part of the plant so you will need to take it easy.

Autumn Potato Run

Potatoes are an important crop and as it gets late into  the autumn season, maybe this is the last potato run until next year. Within the Ft. Kent area are three potato growers with pickups to be made. Here's spud to you.

Local Pickup 1

Much of the Fort Kent division is local pickups. Usually handled in a day and dispatched from elsewhere the rail line sits unused most of the week. This particular week in Autumn is no different where you find yourself dispatched on a routine pickup from one of the local industries.

Gravel Haul To Fort Kent

Without Eagle Lake's gravel production the line to Fort Kent would eventually be abandoned. In this run you will get to recreate what keeps the line open by hauling gravel to the Fort Kent rail yard.

Deuce Lumber Delivery

Winter has set upon the Fort Kent area. Winter gives the landscape a different look and can play havoc with wheel traction. Be careful. Some of the businesses like the potato farmers close down for the winter lessening the demand on the railroad. However many of the businesses remain open and Deuce Lumber is one of them though their business slows during the winter months.

Ft. Kent Classifying

Classify train in Fort Kent rail yard and make a delivery.

Textile 1 Delivery Part A

Snow is falling in the Fort Kent area but there's work to be done. The textile plants in Fort Kent has been doing great business this year. They recently put in a request which will take us two trips to do. For this trip simply deliver the boxcars on track #2 to the Textile 1 Receiving track and then return the shed (dest. 25).

Deuce Lumber Restock

During the warmer months, the pickup/delivery rate for Deuce Lumber quickens. Do a delivery/pickup for Deuce Lumber.

Textile 2 Delivery Part B

The second of this three-part scenario is about a dilemma created by an unexpected drop-off at the Fort Kent Yard.

Potato Restock

With summer upon the Fort Kent area potatoes are flourishing and its time to restock the growers' warehouses with boxcars. 3 potato warehouses are ripe for delivery.

Textile 2 Delivery Part C

This is the third part in a three-part scenario where the complications of the second day have cause angst on the part of the textile mill.

Haulin' North To Fort Kent

The dispatcher assigned you an ore train out of Ashland with one of its stops in your normal assigned territory, Eagle Lake.

ELGrav Winter Run Part A

A delivery for Eagle Lake Gravel delivered three days prior is still sitting in the Fort Kent rail yard. Deliver this consist to Eagle Lake Gravel

Eagle Lake Gravel Reload

Eagle Lake Gravel is a big enough plant but not big enough to have its own rail equipment. When big moves are needed they call the railroad.

ELGrav Winter Run Part B

Eagle Lake Gravel’s delivery revealed a missed pickup from several days ago. The gravel plant more forgiving than the Textile Plant mishap had the outgoing freight moved to another track.

Clothing Outlet Delivery

Clothing Outlet, a local Fort Kent retail distributor, takes delivery of bulk textile goods by rail. Fort Kent Cannery also has a delivery to be picked up.

Free Roam

This Free Roam scenario gives you two engines to drive about the route. The first is in Eagle Lake (parked in Eagle Lake Gravel) just behind the main building when you first enter and the second is in Fort Kent north and then east on the staging track to Fort Kent. This route comes with markers you can use to navigate quickly to any area of the route. Some are named but most start with MP (for milepost). This route starts at Eagle Lake with MP129 and ends in Fort Kent at MP111. If you're unsure how to use this navigation feature please check the manual/online Wiki on how to use it.