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The DB Class V200.0 was amongst the first Diesel Hydraulic Locomotives to be produced by Deutsche Bundesbahn, with full production examples appearing as early as 1956.

An initial batch of 5 prototype locomotives were produced and began trials to ensure the projected reliability could be maintained as far as 1950s technology allowed. One such machine even travelled across three East European countries to demonstrate the capability to potential customers.

lIntroduction of the V200 began in 1956, with the V200 replacing many main line locomotives as the top choice for express haulage. However, its peak performance was soon overshadowed by the introduction of electrification to much of the German railway network.

With more powerful and efficient electric locomotives taking the limelight, the V200 was frequently seen hauling freight and commuter trains. However, there were still some lines where the V200 could be found hauling express services, such as between Hamburg and Copenhagen where crossing borders was simplified due to the use of self-powered traction.

The last public service to use a V200 locomotive was in 1984. At this time the cost of operating twin hydraulic engine machines fitted with only steam heating systems became too much of a disadvantage over single hydraulic engines with electric heating equipment.

Routes Featuring the V200

Hagen to Siegen