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Routes Featuring the 112 011-2

Hagen to Siegen

The DR Class 243 is a universal electric locomotive of the Deutsche Reichsbahn which is used for general rail service. In the Deutsche Bahn AG the locomotive is listed as Class 143. The locomotives of classes 143/243 still belong to the most successful class of German electric locomotives.

The prototype locomotive 212 001 was built in 1982 and presented to the public in the same year with a designed maximum speed of 140 kilometres per hour (87 mph). It did several testing before it was modified in order to operate at a maximum speed of 120 km/h (75 mph) with also changing the number to 243 001. Because of its special painting (white with red stripes), 243 001 was given the nickname Weiße Lady (White Lady). The production of the series was started in 1985 after the testing with 243 001 was successful.

GR-02 RSB 3163

Regional city train from Hagen to Letmathe . You have to drive the regional city train from Hagen to Letmathe. Nothing special should happen.

GR-05 First InterRegio

26. Sept. 1993: The first InterRegio from Münster to Frankfurt. You have to drive the train from Hagen to Siegen. Departure is 09:07.