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Debuting in 1993, the C44-9Ws proved very popular with many North American railroads like Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF)

Due to stricter emissions requirements introduced in 2005, the production of the Dash 9 was replaced by the GE ES44DC.

Experience one of the greatest workhorse locomotives of modern North American freight with the Dash 9 Locomotive

Routes Featuring the BNSF Dash-9;

Barstow to San Bernardino

Climbing over Cajon

Start Location Devore

Take on the challenge of hauling trains over the Cajon Pass. A drop off is required at Hesperia before you can make your final stop at Victorville. How will you do?

Free Roam: Dash 9s at Victorville

Start Location Victorville

Pick a train by clicking on it, then explore the route.

Digging the Pass

Start Location East Victorville

Starting at East Victorville, navigate the Cajon Pass to San Bernardino. There are works on the tunnels so be extra vigilant.

Dash to Lenwood

Start Location Barstow Engine Shed

Today you need to refuel your engine, assemble all your motive power (in the order 4197, 4325, 4323 and 4093); couple to your freight cars then begin your journey out of Barstow. Aim to pass the Lenwood junction by 15:23, allowing another train to pass.

Oil and Coal

Start Location Larkspur

Starting at Larkspur, take oil to Monument then organise some empty coal freight cars before heading North back up the line.

Fuel for Life

Start Location Monument

Help keep the import of coal to Castle Rock going. Drive a pair of BNSF C44-9 locomotives from Monument with the assistance of a helper on the rear.

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Stock Featured

The Dash 9 locomotive 6 liveries

Dash 9 BNSF

Dash 9 BNSF New

Dash 9 War Bonnet

Dash 9 War Bonnet New

Dash 9 Norfolk Southern

Dash 9 Canadian National