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The Class D.445 are the most modern and powerful diesel locomotives of the Italian State Railways. They were built from 1974 to 1988 in 150 specimens divided into three series.

The locomotive is the natural evolution of the Class D.445 D.443 project which has maintained the reliability and proper operation.

The Locomotive Class D.445 modelled on the general approach of the unified body and mechanics. The main differences are in the installation of a generator instead of the previous three-phase DC and an AC generator equipped with high-voltage rectifiers for feeding the pipeline in 3000 Volt heating of the train.

The diesel engine is produced by Fiat SSF A2212 type 12-cylinder V-supercharged. The displacement is 95,700 cm3, and the power 1560 kW at 1500 rpm. The engine is cooled by radiators and a inter cooling system with forced circulation of coolant and two vertical vents operated by a hydraulic motor system Behr.

All machines are running gear B'B and their top speed is

130 km/h.

Like everything from railways FS Class D.445 also have been repainted in different liveries XMPR.


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XMPR liveried locomotive D445,

150 and Shuttle Anniversary Unity of Italy (fancy livery), complete with cockpit and sounds

Coaches MDVC XMPR uniformed and 150 th Anniversary Unity of Italy (fancy livery)