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Routes Featuring the Class 60 Diesel

Newcastle to York

Oxford to Paddington

Hedborough North

The Class 60 is a heavy freight diesel-electric locomotive introduced by British Rail in 1989. Initially the Class 60 was used mainly to haul heavy stone trains, replacing older types such as the Class 20 and Class 33, and allowing more modern stable mates like the Class 58 to be made available for other duties. 100 examples were built from 1989 to 1993 under the direction of British Rail, all of which passed into private ownership following privatization of the network.

With 3,100 horsepower, the Class 60 is not short of muscle and this enables it to haul heavy trains on tasks where before, double-heading had been required. These 129-ton locomotives are still hard at work across the network, and with several scheduled for overhaul they look set to continue for years to come

Class 60 freight locomotive in 10 liveries:











Railtour - Oxford-Paddington:

You are driving a Class 60 on a special Rail Tour service, and are on approach to Paddington. It has been a long day hauling a Rail Tour special from the West Country, powered by a Class 60. You have just dropped off passengers at Hayes & Harlington and need to complete the final leg of the Rail Tour journey into the busy Paddington station. Avoid fines by ensuring you don’t delay the scheduled services.

Free roam - Oxford-Paddington

Free-roam - York-Newcastle

Free-roam - Hedborough North