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Routes Featuring the Class 450 EMU

Portsmouth Direct Line

The Class 450 third-rail DC electric multiple units began service during 2003. They are a part of the Siemens Desiro modular train family and are more commonly known as the '4DES'. In

standing with requirements of all new rolling stock for the South East region, provision has been made for future conversion to 25 kV AC overhead supply or dual voltage although, at present, none of the Class 450 fleet have been fitted with a pantograph.

The trains are used for outer suburban services, and feature the South West Trains blue livery to indicate this (White denoting long distance / Intercity, and Red indicating inner suburban). The Class 450 trains feature standard seating in both 2+2 and 3+2 configuration, as well as first class in 2+2 accommodation.

Design & Specification

TOPS Number Class 450

Formation 4-car: DMSO+TCO+TSO+DMSO

Unit Weight 172.2 tonnes (35-48 tonnes per vehicle)

Vehicle Length 66ft 9in (20.4m)

Vehicle Width 9ft 2in (2.7m)

Body Construction Welded Aluminium

Power Collection 750v DC 3rd Rail

Vehicle Power 2,682HP (2,000kW)

Design Speed 100 MPH (160km/h)

Coupling Type Dellner 12

Brake Types Air & Regenerative

Seating 246 Standard, 24 First

Introduction to Portsmouth Direct Line

It is your first day on the Portsmouth Direct Line and you are being shadowed by a veteran driver. As you drive the line, performing passenger stops at the major stations just before rush hour, he will offer driving tips and information about the surrounding towns and areas

of interest.

End of Days

Its the end of a good days work. Take a unit on its final leg to Portsmouth

Harbour, before working back to Fratton Depot. Take this unit on to Portsmouth Harbour calling at Fratton and Southsea. Once everyone is clear, move the unit back to Fratton Depot, not forgetting to go via the train wash on your way. Staff will be waiting to greet you at the depot.

Chop and Change

Not all services are straight forward end to end runs. Sometime units must be deployed around the network for strategic purposes. Shunt into Woking Platform 1 before commencing a south bound service to Havant. At Guildford, detact the rear portion of the train. At Havant, attach to the waiting train and then head onto Fratton. Once loading is complete at Fratton, shunt the entire train into the yard.

Halfway Haslemere

Haslemere is a key turn back point along the line. Run a return service from

Guildford to Haslemere, observing the tight timings of surrounding services.

Waste not time loading passengers at Guildford, before departing for Haslemere under the wintry conditions. Make your way south, calling where required, before pulling to Platform 2 at Haslemere. Once the faster north bound service has passed on the adjacent platform, follow it back to Guildford.

Hightail to the Harbour

Join an 8-car Class 450 at Woking, on its way to Portsmouth Harbour. This is a semi-fast service so you'll only be calling at principle stations along the route. Once cleared to enter Woking, make your first stop on route to Portsmouth. After Woking, call at Guildford, Haslemere, Peterfield, Havant, Fratton, Portsmouth & Southsea and finally Portsmouth Harbour.

Holybourne Tanks

A weekly delivery of fuel oil is made to the industries of the Water Cress Valley near Alton in north Hampshire. Pilot today's service from the southern town of Havant, north through Guildford, and on to the terminal at Holybourne. Haul this weekly delivery of petroleum tankers to the terminal at Holybourne near Alton. Along the way, you'll be required to fit between the busy commuter trains that traverse the network.

Saturday Shunt

Take a 4-car Class 450 unit from Woking to Guildford to be used for the Ascot Shuttle This unit needs to be moved to Guildford so it can be used on the Ascot Shuttle service. Collect a guard from Platform 4 at Woking, and then head over to Guildford. Follow the signallers orders for arrival in Guildford.

Petersfield Shuffle

Engineering works on the line mean trains can only work as far as Petersfield. Operate a Sunday service as far as the blockage before turning back south for the return journey. Engineering works are taking place between Peterfield and Shalford Junction today. This will be a shuttle service as far as Petersfield. Commence boarding and then depart north. Call at all stations for the outbound trip. Once at Petersfield, shunt forward beyond the crossover, change ends and shunt back into the station. From here, commence the 10:53 fast service back to Portsmouth.

Southern Rail Tour

Operate a summer Saturday rail tour headed by an LMS Black5 steam locomotives to Portsmouth Harbour. Despite it being the weekend, the mainline remains a busy place. You may be required to let faster trains pass, or be delayed behind the many commuter services that operate. Do your best to get to the coast on time. We'll be stopping at Guildford to pick up water, but apart from that do your best to keep up with the schedule. We don't want to get a fine for delays from the operator.

Working to Woking

An all stops service from Portsmouth & Southsea to Waterloo. Another driver will relieve you at Woking station for the final leg along the Southern Mainline into the Capital. This duty is an all stops service to the Capital. You're running a full 12 car formation on this trip so ensure you stop as close to platforms ends as possible to accommodate all you can. Be mindful of your speed and stopping distance. Have a good trip.