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Routes Featuring the Class 45 'Peak' Diesel ;

Oxford to Paddington

Newcastle to York

The British Rail Class 45 (& 46) also known as the Sulzer Type 4 diesel locomotives were built by British Rail at their Derby and Crewe Works between 1960 and 1963. Along with the similar class 44 locomotives they became known as "Peaks".

The class 45s became the main traction on the Midland mainline from 1962 and their introduction allowed considerable acceleration of the previous steam powered service.

The Class 45s remained the main source of power on the Midland mainline up to 1982 when they were relegated to secondary services following introduction of HSTs on the route.

The great majority of Class 45s were withdrawn between 1981 and 1988 and the last was withdrawn from service by 1989.

[Peak] Newcastle Broon

Booking on at Newcastle Central to take over a parcels train that has arrived overnight from Haymarket. The station is busy at 8:00 in the morning, watch some of the station activity while you wait for your booked departure time of 08:05. The run to York is approximately 80 miles and will take around 100 mins.

Date  1967

Rating  Hard

Duration  100 minutes

Season  Autumn

Start Location  Newcastle Central

Peak Livery  BR Green

[Peak] Graveyard Shift

Night-time run from York to Newcastle. Book on at York shed at 9:00 pm. Your Peak is waiting in the out-road fully fuelled. Collect your GUV vans from the parcel depot and make best time to Newcastle

Date             1969

Rating            Hard

Duration          100 minutes

Season           Winter

Start Location     York Shed

Peak Livery       BR Green

[Peak] Reading v Derby

Its cold waiting in a snowstorm for your booked excursion to arrive at Oxford, Peak hauled 1Z07 is running a little late ….make sure you get the Derby supporters to reading on time.

Date             February 1969

Rating            Easy

Duration          40 Minutes

Season           Autumn

Start Location     Oxford Station

Peak Livery       BR Green