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Routes Featuring the Class 4CIG EMU

Portsmouth Direct Line

Once a very familiar sight across the railways of southern England, the 4CIG (Corridor Brighton Stock or Corridor Intermediate Guard I have seen both claimed as the correct extrapolation) electric multiple unit is a classic example of the heritage ‘slam-door’ passenger trains which once formed the backbone of southern passenger services. Extensive 3rd-rail electrification of the Southern Region led to the widespread adoption of these practical EMUs, and the 4CIG (British Rail Class 421) was initially introduced on the London-Brighton Line before being pressed into service on the Portsmouth Direct Line between London Waterloo and Portsmouth Harbour.

The 4CIG units received a facelift in the late 1980s, and were eventually withdrawn from mainline passenger service in the early 2000s. The standard units contained only passenger accommodation, and formed the bulk of the fleet. They were unusual in that all four traction motors were mounted on one non-driving motor coach. Units consisted of two driving trailers, sandwiching the non-driving motor coach and an intermediate trailer.

The British Rail Class 421 (or 4Cig) electrical multiple units were built at BR York Works between 1964 and 1972. Units were built in two batches, and were initially introduced on services on the Brighton Main Line.

Later units were introduced on services to Portsmouth. These units replaced older Southern Railway-designed units, such as the 5Bel "Brighton Belle" units, and 4Cor units. Towards the end of their life, with the increasing use of newer trains which were equipped with sliding or plug doors, these trains were known commonly as "slam door trains".

Design & Specification

Builder: BREL York

In Service: 1964-2010

Operator: British Rail

Length: 80.98m (265' 8")

Width: 2.82m (9' 3")

Height: 3.77m (12' 9")

Weight: 150 tonnes (Unit)

Brakes: Air / EP

Power Source: 750V DC

Max Speed: 145Kmh (90Mph)


Free Roam Scenarios

Guildford 70C BR Blue & Grey

Steam Shed 70C once located south of Guildford Station housed a turntable and featured its own pilot locomotive. The introduction of Electric services from the Capital quickly saw the sheds demise and little remains but a multi-storey car park. Jump aboard awaiting slam door stock and see how 750 volts changed this line forever.

Battle of Havant (Free Roam) Network Southeast

Once the site of a fierce battle between rival train companies in the late 1850s, Havant is a much sedated affair today. A key junction on the Portsmouth Direct Line, it hosts services from key Southern destinations.

Select the train on the left for stations to the coast. Select the train on the right for services north to Guildford and London.

Standard & Career Scenarios

Slammed Doors  BR Blue & Grey

The 'Greyhound' slam door electric multiple units were the mainstay of the Portsmouth Direct Line for many years. Take to the controls of an all stops service from Guildford to the coast.

This duty is an all stops service to Portsmouth. You're running an 8 car formation on this trip. Be mindful of your speed and stopping distance. Have a good trip.

City Limited Network Southeast

Heading for the capital, the City Limited is a semi-fast service bound for London every week day morning. This is an express commuter service to the capital. Calling at Havant, Guildford, Clapham Junction and London Waterloo.