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Routes Featuring the Class 380 EMU

Glasgow Airport Rail Link (GARL)


A total of 38 Class 380 sets are being built for introduction on electrified routes in Scotland. The 38 units comprise a total of 130 vehicles forming a mixture of 3 and 4 car sets. This flexibility allows ScotRail (the national operator) to run a variety of train lengths depending on capacity demands.

While following other designs for the most part, the Class 380 introduces a new front end style that conforms to the latest safety standards. This gives the unit a swept back look.

Due for delivery in September 2010, the full fleet is expected to be in operation around Glasgow by March 2011 and maintained at Shields Road Depot.

VIP Demonstration

A demonstration of the new Class 380 Electric Multiple Unit has been arranged at the manufacturers test track. Guests have arrived by bus and one of the first 3-car units is waiting at the near by platform. There is no specific plan for the demo so feel free to explore the site and drive any train you wish.

Mountain Mileage  (Seebergbahn)

Join a brand new Class 380 multiple unit destined for the UK, as it is put through its paces accumulating fault free miles around the Continental network before being shipped to its new owner.

Disruption in Govan

Return trip from Glasgow International Airport to Glasgow Central Station. You are rostered to drive the 13:17 GARL Shuttle Service from Glasgow International Airport Platform 2 to Glasgow Central. At  Glasgow your train will form the 13:38 service back to the Airport. Your only scheduled stop in each direction will be Paisley Gilmour Street. Your train is formed from 380107+380109, an 8 car Class 380/1 set, remember to stop at the correct platform positions to ensure all coaches are within the platform limits. There are reports of a failed train in the Govan area.

Early Shift at Glasgow Central

First morning stopping service from Glasgow Central to Glasgow International Airport. You are rostered to form the first GARL Stopping Service from Glasgow Central Platform 10 to Glasgow International Airport

Platform 1. Your train is to be formed from 380008, which is stabled in Glasgow Central Siding No. 4, and 380002 that is already in Platform 10. You need to drive set 380008 in to Platform 10 and couple up. As Platform 10 is already occupied you will need to stop at signal GG5527 on the main signal gantry and contact the signalling centre to request permission to enter Platform 10.

GARL Easy Intoduction

Quick Introductory trip from Paisley to the Airport

GARL Shuttle Service

Return trip from Glasgow Central Station to Glasgow International Airport. You are rostered to drive the 11:00 GARL Shuttle Service from Glasgow Central Platform 12 to the airport. At the airport your train will form the 11:17 service back to Glasgow.

Sunday Engineering Works at Hillington

Watch out for Temporary Speed Restrictions from Paisley St James to Glasgow Central then on arrival your train will form the GARL Shuttle Service to the Airport. It is Sunday and today you are in charge of 380109. This scenario picks up your train just before Paisley St James station on its return journey from Gourock.

Unusual Movements

Driver route learning around Glasgow and Shields Depot. After the recent re-signalling schemes, trainee drivers are rostered for route knowledge special services from Shields Road Depot. These training runs are to cover the more unusual routes to and from the depot and movements in and out of Glasgow Central Station.