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Routes Featuring the Class 20 Diesel;

Newcastle to York

Oxford - Paddington

Hedborough North

Oxford - Paddington

Didcot MGR

Take over a pair of Class 20s with a rake of loaded HAAs. Deliver them to Didcot and tip all the hoppers before returning North.

Season: Autumn

Start Time: 11:00

Start Location: Oxford Station

Weather: Heavy Cloud


You start as a floating camera at Oxford Station. Your Class 20s will arrive from the North in 2 mins.

Newcastle - York

Monday Morning

Watch as Joe Edgely brings a pair of replacement 20s off Gateshead shed to Low Fell. Then jump on board and marshal your train.

Season: Autumn

Start Time: 10:00

Start Location: Gateshead Yard

Weather: Heavy Cloud


Starting as a floating camera you can follow the 20s (named 6T17) driven by Joe for approximately 11 minutes to Low Fell, observing traffic as you go. When he stops the train at Low Fell you must then assume control by clicking on the lead engine. Alternatively you can drive to Low Fell yourself, but you too must also stop briefly at the Low Fell Gate marker before continuing with marshalling.

Scarborough Seaside Special

Take a pair of 20s on the first leg of a summer Saturday excursion from Darlington to Scarborough as far as York.

Season: Summer

Start Time: 08:00

Start Location: Darlington Station

Weather: Clear


You begin on Darlington platform and your train is just pulling up. When it comes to a stop, jump on board by clicking the lead locomotive then allow passengers to board at Darlington by pressing the T key.

Hedborough North


Today is a little bit of welcome overtime. Collect a rake of HEA hoppers from the yard, load them at the coal depot and drop them back in the yard.

Season: Spring

Start Time: 09:00

Start Location: Hedborough Old Shed

Weather: Stormy Showers


You begin this scenario attached to your locomotive. Before you collect your rake of HEAs you must be aware of other traffic on the line and wait as signals dictate.

The BR Standard Type 1 Class 20 locomotive was built as a direct result of the Modernisation programme introduced in 1957. It is one of the most robust and reliable diesel-electric fleets ever built. A total of 228 were built over a period of 11 years.

Today, over 50 years after their introduction, a number of Class 20s still operate on the UK railway network on spot hire and preservation duties. Their small size making them ideal on single track branch lines.

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