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Routes Featuring the Class 158 Sprinter DMU

Newcastle to York

Oxford to Paddington

Bath Green to Templecoombe

Hagen to Siegen

In the late 1980's the British Railway Board's Provincial Sector was in need of main line capable stock to operate long distance 'local' services. A new design of multiple unit was put forward and a sizable fleet ordered from the then BREL Works at Derby.

Classified 158, the trains began to appear in 1989. Called Sprinter Express, the name was based on British Rails wish to advertise the new acceleration ability the units had over older aging heritage DMU fleets. Their introduction saw a massive fall in journey times in the areas operated, with timetables quickly being updated to take advantage of these new trains.

With various follow-on orders and derivatives, a fleet of over 200 vehicles was eventually built between 1989 and 1992.

The Class 158 soon became common place across the UK, operating short distance domestic services as well as long distance cross country trains. With carpeting throughout, full air conditioning, and provision for a trolley service during travel,

passenger comfort and relaxation was vastly improved and warmly welcomed by customers.

Oxford All Stops

Constant station stops are the bane of train drivers as it can make time keeping very difficult. Test your skills on this run from Reading to Oxford aboard a Class 158 multiple unit, and see if you can arrive on time.

October 1993


45 minutes



Reading Station

Regional Railways

Trial Run

Take a specially arranged 158 on a high speed run into London. The rail authorities want to see if the train is a good contender to replace the aging High Speed Trains.

May 1993


60 Minutes



Maidenhead Station


Central Heating

It's the depths of winter but the people living in the Mendip's still need to do their Christmas shopping. This service will see you running a much needed return service over the Mendip Hills.

December 1998


60 minutes



Radstock Depot

Green & Black

Over the Hill

Take charge of what might have been - You'll be driving a 3 car 158 unit over the Mendip Hills on a semi-fast service stopping at various stations on your way to Bath. The gruelling gradients require constant checking of throttle and brakes, with the added challenge of keeping to a timetable.

May 1993


20 Minutes



Templecombe Station

Green & Black

Continental Connection

Test out the feasibility of using a British built Class 158 Multiple Unit on this busy German mainline. Starting at Plettenburg, run the unit up to Hagen, stick as close to the timetable as you can.

July 1994


45 minutes



Plettenburg Yard

Blue & Purple

Oxford-Paddington Class 158 Free Roam

Pick a train by clicking on it, and then explore the route.

June 1993





Reading Train Care Depot