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The Class 111 DMUs were based on Class 101/2s, but with different engines. The only external body difference was on the final batch of cars where a four character headcode box was fitted above the front cab windows, with the destination indicator on top of a reduced height centre window.

The first cars built, part of an order for 339 Met-Camm cars, were 4 power/trailer sets for the LMR Manchester area built in early 1957. One of these was equipped with supercharged 230 hp 6-cylinder engines. This was followed by ten 3-car sets comprising DMBS/TSL/DMCL for the NER at Bradford, then a further twenty 3-car sets.

Routes Featuring the Class 111 DMU

Granfield Branch

Granfield in Autumn - free roam

Setterfield in Summer - free roam

Thenhill in Winter - free roam

Introduction to the Granfield Branch

Take a guided tour of the Granfield Branch beginning at Setterfield.

Market Day Medley

Assemble a mixed freight train at Granfield and haul it to Setterfield for the weekly market. There are additional wagons to collect from Thenfill and Inchcombe.

Shunting in a winter wonderland

Shunt wagons in Setterfield Yard hauling a train of empties to Weedon Quarry.

There and Back Again

Drive a local passenger service from Setterfield to Granfield and back.

Who Shot Dr. Beeching?

In a parallel universe where Dr. Beechings modernisation plan was never enacted, the Granfield Branch survives into the 1990s. Take a late even passenger service to Setterfield, calling at all stations en route.

Career system scenarios

Branch Workhorse - Career system scenario

You are driving an 8F dropping off a picking up mixed freight down the branch line, including a stop at Weedon Quarry. Finish up in Setterfield Yard.

Granfield Chaser - Career system scenario

Run a return service to Granfield. Its a busy little branch line so be sure to keep to time.

Setterfield Shunt - Career system scenario

After refuelling, navigate through Setterfield yard using a Class 02 Shunter and assemble a goods train ready for departure.