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The British Rail Class 02 is an 0-4-0 diesel-hydraulic shunting locomotive built by the Yorkshire Engine Company between 1960 and 1961. A diminutive locomotive with a short wheelbase (1.83m), the 02 was designed especially for use in yards with a restricted loading gauge or with tight track curvatures. It was fitted with a Rolls Royce 6-cylinder diesel engine producing 170 horsepower, and its low gearing gave it a top speed of 19 miles per hour.

Free roam: York in summer

Free roam: Hedborough Yard

Free roam: Yard Pilot

Static Display:

You are setting up a new static display at the museum in York. Shunt Southern carriages into position and move the Black 5 to couple to them, before returning to the train shed.

Made to order:

You are assembling a custom freight order. Shunt the freight around Hedborough Yard ensuring the wagon sequence is correct.

Top and Tail:

A rake of BR vans in the freight yard is ready to be moved out, but first you must use the 02 Shunter to add a brake van to the rear and a Black 5 locomotive to the front.

Routes Featuring the Class 02 Shunter;

Newcastle to York

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