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This new route includes 85 all-new miles of track from Bristol Temple Meads to Exeter St Thomas, all painstakingly re-created brick by brick and mile by mile. Painstaking research of the route and its immediate environs ensure that this is one of the most realistic RailWorks expansions ever.

Drive the climbs and descents; pass through the embankments and cuttings and under correctly placed bridges carrying animated road vehicles; look around and see the unique buildings that make this route so distinctive; stop and marvel at the exquisitely detailed stations.  

Drive in Free Roam mode or enjoy the time-keeping challenges in the eight included scenarios - these will put your skills to the test at all times of the day and during all seasons, on both stopping and Express services.

Stock Featured in the Bristol to Exeter Expansion

Bonus free ZZA Snowplough, featuring Just Trains ActivScript functionality which provides a visual snow clearing effect and flashing red tail lamp.

Non-drivable Just Trains rolling stock placed strategically along the route in the included scenarios - Class 20, Class 60, Rail Head Treatment Train, FNA Nuclear Flask, IWB Cargowaggon, Autoballaster and YGB Seacow.

Fairwater Shunt

Shunt wagons in Fairwater Yard in preparation for the daily Enterprise train.

Northward Bound

Drive a slightly late running Arriva Cross Country service from Exeter St Davids to Bristol Temple Meads.

Snow on the Blackdowns

Heavy snow is falling over Somerset and you must take the snowploughs out to clear the line between Taunton and Exeter.

Test Run

First Great Western are testing a Class 166 as a possible Class 158 replacement on their Cardiff – Exeter route. You must drive this Class 166 from Bristol Temple Meads to Exeter St Davids.

The Cornish Explorer

55022 ‘Royal Scots Grey’ has made a visit to Cornwall from the Midlands for the day. You must take the return trip from Exeter St Davids to Bristol Temple Meads.

The Fawley Tanks

Drive the Fawley-Tavistock Junction tank train from Cogload Junction to Exeter Riverside where you will need to shunt some of the TTA wagons.

The Torbay Express

Summer is approaching and that can only mean one thing - the Torbay Express! You must drive this semi-regular rail tour from Bristol Temple Meads to Exeter St Davids with 45407 at the helm.

The Merchant Venturer

Drive the 09:00 Paddington-Penzance service from Bristol Temple Meads to Exeter St Davids calling at Taunton on the way.

Free Roam

Explore the route by clicking on any of the available trains.