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Part of the British Railways fleet of standard class locomotives, the 4MT locomotives have their roots in the Fowler designed Fairburn tank engine of 1927.

Most of the design work for these locomotives was completed in Brighton overseen by R.A. Riddles, the then chief mechanical engineer of British Railways. 130 of the 155 engines were built at Brighton, the rest being built at Derby and Doncaster works. The very last 15 of the class were cancelled due to pending dieselisation in the late 1950s.

The tank locomotives were allocated to all regions of British Railways apart from the Western region. They were most widely used around Glasgow, Kent, Sussex and became very associated with the London, Tilbury and Southend railway. After the electrification of the Glasgow north commuter services in the early 1960s, some of these locomotives were moved to the Shrewsbury area of the Western region.

Routes Featuring the BR 4MT

Bath Green Park to Templecoombe

Newcastle to York

Cider Festival

Long hot summers can lead to a lot of drinking in Somerset and Dorset, usually the local tipple: cider. Today there is a cider Festival at one of the centres of such produce at Shepton Mallet, and revellers are making their way back to towns in the district.


Shepton Mallet

Broccoli rush

Autumn is broccoli season, this year has been a good hearty harvest with farmers bringing local produce to stations to be taken to the towns. Drive a pickup freight from Templecombe to Evercreech Junction.



Winter of 1962

Drive a Stopping Service from Bath to Radstock in the Snow



Smog on the Tyne

Heavy fog shrouds the industrial area around Newcastle. In this scenario, drive a stopping service from Newcastle to Durham.



Ferryhill Fiddle

Shunting in Ferryhill followed by a run to Tyne Yard in the Autum of ‘63