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First built in 1996, the 101 is Deutsche Bahn's star locomotive. It is used across most of Germany for express passenger travel. Able to achieve speeds of up to 220 km/h, the 101 is

also among the fastest locomotives on the German Network.

The BR101 was designed as a high-tech modern loco from the start, with a three-phase motor supplying an impressive power output. With four powered axles, the BR101 has 6,400 Kw of

traction and reaches a maximum speed of 220 km/h.

One hundred and forty-five units were built between 1996 and 1999, and all of them are still in operation today. Due to the large flat side panel design of the 101, many in operation feature commercial advertising. These adverts include ones for Märklin, the musical Starlight Express and the 2006 FIFA World Cup, held in Germany.

The first 101 was delivered in 1996 and quickly earned a reputation for speed and reliability. The modern design of the body and many advanced electronic systems make the BR101 a very efficient and economic train. Soon after introduction, duties were quickly moved to Intercity routes and many InterRegio trains were pulled by this locomotive.

The separate adjustable motors that power the 101 can be switched during operation so if one motor fails, up to 75% of power is still available.

Despite production ending in 1999, the 101 is still at the forefront of reliable and efficient high speed operations today. This all-purpose locomotive works fast passenger and freight trains alike and it has met the expectations of Deutsche Bahn throughout its service.

Routes Featuring the Class 101

Hagen to Siegen


Free Roam


Free Roam

Hagen to Siegen


Up Seeberg Valley

The second line runs south through Seeberg Valley in the shadow of large mountains.  Take a passenger train in high season down to Dissen then switch ends and return to Berndorf where a staff change is due to take place. Stopping at every station on the way you will receive information about the area.


Back and Forth

You are midway through a passenger service down both lines out of Seeberg.  Starting at Echten, head along the lake to Seeberg where you will switch cabs and continue up the Seeberg Valley to finally stop at Berndorf.  All station stops are time tabled so keep the speeds as high as possible! 25mins/Medium.

Hagen to Siegen

Ghost Train

You are taking control of a DB101 on a routine passenger service to Altena, but as it's Halloween, you should expect the unexpected.


Sleep Tight

Your duties tonight will be you in charge of the Eurocity Sleeper service, heading for Frankfurt. It will be arriving at Hagen in the early morning, and requires stops at Werdohl and Finnentrop along the way, before arriving at Siegen. Form there another driver will take over. Be careful not to wake those passengers.


Heating Up

It is mid-July and much of Germany is in a heat wave.  On this busy day take control of a stopping passenger service between Plettenberg and Hagen whilst adhering to a timetable.