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The London Midland and Scottish Railway's Class 5 4-6-0, almost universally known as the Black Five, is a Stanier class of steam locomotive. It was introduced by William Stanier in 1934 and 842 were built between then and 1951. Members of the class survived to the last day of steam on British Railways, in 1968 and eighteen are preserved. The Black Fives were a mixed traffic locomotive, a "do-anything go-anywhere" type.


Bringing Out the Old

At the peak of the tourist season, the Black 5 housed at Echten performs special trips up and down the Lake Wismar Branch.  Perform one such trip, starting at Almsfeld, stopping to refuel on the way.

Free Roam

Bath Green Park to Templecoombe

Goods To Market

Pick up goods from Cole and Wincanton and head to Templecombe where they will be sorted.

Last Orders

Drive a night train from Bath Green Park to Binegar where the service terminates and your shift will end.  Try to arrive on time so you can last orders at the local pub.

Meat Market

There is a cattle market in Shepton Mallet tomorrow and farmers in the region are transporting their livestock in preparation.  Take some goats, sheep and cows from Wincanton then add more cattle at Evercreech Junction and deliver all cargo safely to Shepton Mallet

Running on Empty

Drive the Black 5 to Evercreech Junction to deliver some wagons, refuelling on the way before you run out of water!

The Pea-Souper

Drive a double headed passenger train from Bath to Templecombe.  The morning is foggy and it looks like the weather could get worse before it improves.

Swift and Delightful

Drive the Black 5 over the gentle southern part of the Somerset and Dorset route. Stop off at three stations along the way to pick up passengers, keeping to the timetable as you go.

A Day of Two Halves

A specially decorated train had been commissioned for a wedding party from Chilcompton to Evercreech New but the engine failed at the last minute!  A worn Black 5 en route for freight duties steps up for the honour instead.  As long as the timetable is followed and the guests are dropped off on time then the wedding party will be happy. Stop at Masbury and Evercreech New after which you must resume your freight duties at Evercreech Junction down to Templecombe.

Newcastle to York

Keeping Up with the Diesels

It is 1967, nearing the end of the steam era.  Diesels are being used more and more to haul coal out of Thrislington Quarry but the scheduled diesel locomotive has failed.  Drive a Black 5 to transport a consist of coal to Tyne Yard then perform duties around Dunston Staithes.  This last-minute change means you are still following the diesel timetable so do your best to keep on time with the deliveries.

Hedborough North

Free Roam

Bristol to Exeter

The Torbay Express

Summer is approaching and that can only mean one thing, the Torbay Express! You must drive this semi-regular rail tour from Bristol Temple Meads to Exeter St David's with 45407 at the helm.

Add On Pack

Bath Time

From Norton Hill Colliery you are bringing a shipment of coal to Bath. At Bath you must turn around and finish in the engine shed. If you miss your timetable for key stages in this scenario you will fail as you will be occupying the main line too long or miss your slots.

Dry as a Bone

It is the middle of a freak heat wave and there is a water shortage. Starting with minimal resources, fill up at Evercreech before delivering some dehydrated cattle to Radstock. They must be delivered on time or the scenario will fail.

Dry as a Bone (Worn)

This scenario is identical to the normal “Dry as a Bone” except the player locomotive is a worn Black Five which performs slightly poorer. This will make the time tabled aspects of this scenario even more of a challenge.

Night Rider

Drive a local evening train from Bath Green Park to Binegar where the service terminates while following a timetable.

School Run Special

Two schools in the area have a day trip to London planned for the children. Take the youngsters and their teachers from Chilcompton and Shepton Mallet to Templecombe where they will change trains. This is a time tabled scenario.

School Run Special (Worn)

This scenario is identical to the normal “School Run Special” except the player locomotive is a worn Black Five which performs slightly poorer. This will make the time tabled aspects of this scenario even more of a challenge.

Training Day

You have been given an exercise in shunting using a Black 5. An array of wagons must be assembled at Evercreech Junction and taken to Templecombe Upper where the load will be split.

Routes Featuring the Black 5

Bath Green Park to Templecoombe


Bristol to Exeter

Newcastle to York

Hedborough North