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The Peppercorn class A1s worked principal expresses on the East Coast Main Line from 1948 until the end of steam on that route. They hauled trains of up to 600 tons at an average of 60mph; 100 mph was not unknown and on one occasion an A1

produced an estimated 2,400 drawbar horsepower.

Five of the original A1s were built with roller bearings on all axles, and the class turned in reliability figures better than those of any other express passenger steam locomotive in the country.

A1 Free Roam: Bath in Summer

Starting at Bath turntable, pick a train by clicking on it, and then explore the route.

Bath Green Park

The Peppercorn Pioneer

It’s the inaugural public run for the A1 Tornado and it seems like the entire country is out to watch her. Put on a good show for them!


York Station

The Lickey Tornado

Originally intended to start in Gloucester, the tour has been extended to include the outbound journey up the GWML as well.


Maidenhead Station

The Winter Wonderer

Take a trip to the continent as Tornado goes on Tour in Europe.



The Tyne Tornado

Join Tornado as she departs Newcastle and starts a return leg to York. You'll be in charge as far as Darlington.


Newcastle Station

Routes Featuring the A1 Tornado

Oxford to Paddington

Newcastle to York


Bath Green Park to Templecoombe (free roam)