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Finding a Train to Drive or even knowing what each Train Looks like in Railworks 2 gave me a Headache, so I built this site... 189 Pages so far!

The main purpose of which is to let you see what the Trains look like and where to find them in your Game.

If like me you are not a Train Expert then looking through the list of Trains in Railworks can be quite daunting for the novice.

Here I have gone for a Graphical Link for each Train. Now you just need to decide what type of game you want to play in Railworks 2 today and select an option from the menu on the left.

You will then be presented with images of Trains in that category, much better to understand what you are about to drive.

You can then select any of the Trains listed for a more detailed list of what that train was designed for, the Routes that feature your chosen train and a list of scenarios that are available for the train too.

This site is mostly dedicated to Payware Add ons for Railworks however some exceptions have been made for Free Routes. No exceptions have been made for Free Rolling Stock as there is just too much to catalogue for this one set of fingers...

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All Downloads are Migrating to a new site here;

When complete downloads will be easier to find, categorise, search and generally ‘get to’. Hope you can visit the new Download site soon. This site will stay here only the downloads are moving.

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